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Central heating and air conditioning

There is a fascinating system behind the warmth provided to each room at a home or building. Here at Velavi Heating & Cooling, we ensure that your central heating and air conditioning systems give their best. We are experts on measuring the capacities and advice our clients on the type of system to fit their needs. Furthermore, there’s nothing to stop us from providing the best central heating and air conditioning to you. Call our experts today!

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Ductless mini split systems

Sometimes, you don’t need to install traditional central heating and air conditioning systems to ensure a controlled temperature inside your house or building. Then, ductless mini-split systems may be the right choice for you! Mini-split systems provide a more flexible solution, and is easier to find a place to install them. Call our experts today to ensure that your ductless mini-split systems are optimized for your comfort.

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Heat pump condensers

One of the key components of your heating and cooling system is the heat pump condenser. This outdoor element is in charge of the temperature regulation of your property. Also, it’s important to mention the high number of different heat pumps that you can find in the market. However, you don’t have to worry since we have mastered all. Just call our company to set an appointment.

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Air duct systems

Air duct systems are a collection of tubes that allow the correct distribution of heated and cold air from one space to another. Therefore, it’s critical to count with a well-optimized air duct system to save money and avoid other type of problems. The good news is that Velavi Heating & Cooling is here to solve all your issues. Contact us today and enjoy the highest quality services in the area.

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Wall Furnace

A wall furnace passes the cold air through a condenser, so that it can be transformed into heating air before it's sent to a specific room. Furthermore, this component is crucial to take advantage of the whole heating system. If you have any problem regarding the performance, repair, replacement, or installation of this component, you can contact our team of experts. Call us today and request a free estimate for your project.

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Roof-top packet units

Roof-top packet units are one of the most important devices for the distribution of single and multiple cooling, heating, and ventilation into your business. Furthermore, if you require the installation or repair of these crucial units, you better call Velavi Heating & Cooling. Don’t hesitate and get in contact with the best team in town.

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