Annual Care Services

HVAC has been the preference of people for a comfortable living. However, over a while, there is some sort of wear and tear in the air conditioner like any other machine.

Product Care

When it comes to product care, it is about maintaining a mini-split. The objective is to ensure this duct-free machine performs optimally.

Maintenance Service for the Ductless Mini-split

With the mercury soaring in the summer, the ductless mini-splits have been the choice of many consumers.

Maintenance Services for the Split-System Unit

We rely on a split-system unit to keep the living space cool and breathe chilled air.

Accessory/Spare Part Repair Services

While today’s mini-splits are reliable, still its spare part components are subjected to repair.

Heating and Cooling Solutions for Residential Clients

At Velavi HVAC for local heating and air conditioning near Lomita, we provide professional heating and cooling...

Heating and Cooling Solutions for Commercial Clients

The primary goal of the commercial clients is to keep their workplace comfortable for the authority as well as...

Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Uninstallation Service

Ductless mini-split is the highly preferred cooling solution among residential and commercial clients.

Cost-effective Heating and Cooling Solutions

When the city simmers during summer, everybody looks for heating and cooling solutions.

Fault Detection and Diagnostic Service for HVAC

HVAC is one of the beneficial interventions of the modern world.

Mini-Split Sensor Installation Service

Mini-splits are a means of a higher and comfortable lifestyle. That’s why we are witnessing its higher occupancy ratio in the buildings.

Air Filter and Fin Cleaning

Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor and it has its share of health risks. This happens when a mini-split is not maintained properly.

HVAC Condenser and Evaporator Coil Cleaning

An HVAC has a limited period to work efficiently and reliably. To keep it in the workable condition, it does require regular maintenance.

Drain Cleaning and Leakage Check

Leaky pipes can take a toll on the health of HVAC. Again, attention should be paid on issues like drain cleaning.

Coolant Level Check

The unrelenting summer is a torture for the mini-splits. Every residential or commercial owner wants the best performance from this device in terms of cooling.

Professional HVAC Inspection

Velavi HVAC for Central heating and air conditioning near Norwalk provides professional HVAC inspection services to both residential and commercial clients.

Furnace Installation and Repair

Furnace installation is a service carried out by Velavi HVAC for heating and air conditioning contractors near Long Beach.

Why use Velavi Heating and Cooling Solutions?

Velavi is a leading player in providing heating and cooling solutions to residential and commercial clients.

Why do you need HVAC Contractors?

Velavi is a leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor. It has been serving clients in rendering heating and cooling solutions...

Common Problems with Mini-Split

To keep up with the soaring mercury, mini-split AC has been a useful gadget for many. It provides due comfort by maintaining the interior temperature of the living space.

Reasons Behind a Noisy Mini-Split

A mini-split system provides due comfort on hot summer days and nights. One of the issues that are frequently complained about by the users is noise.

Guidance on Mini-Split Gas Filling

Have you ever observed that the mini-split in your home is functioning ineffectively? If not, one of the reasons for ineffectiveness is....

Tips for Preventing Problems in HVAC Unit

The performance of the HVAC unit is given high priority once it is installed.

Importance of HVAC Troubleshooting

HVAC requires professional service every year because there could be numerous operational issues.

How to Reduce the Cost of HVAC Repair Service

An HVAC unit is one of the significant appliances in the modern world.

How to Choose the Right HVAC Filter

People usually spend more time indoors especially in the summer under an HVAC unit.

Thermostat Settings w.r.t Season

The concept behind the thermostat setting is to achieve the energy-saving objective.

Energy Saving Tips for HVAC

Ever wondered why the electricity bill goes up. One shouldn’t be surprised that the HVAC accounts for approximately one-fourth of residential electricity consumption.

When to Replace Mini-Split

A mini-split is used to counter the adverse impacts of heat and humidity. It creates a comfortable environment for users.

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