When to Replace Mini-Split

A mini-split is used to counter the adverse impacts of heat and humidity. It creates a comfortable environment for users. In summer, people use the mini-split continuously throughout day and night. Consequently, some kind of wear and tear related to the mechanical parts takes place and the efficiency also gets a dent. The reality is, there is a limited period of mini-split to work efficiently. If it is used continuously and technical issues are neglected, then the users have to pay a higher energy bill. At the same time, the users don't have the comfort of maintaining the ideal temperature. This is where replacing the mini-split is an ideal option to consider. Each mini-split comes up with a warranty period. If it is used beyond the warranty period, many technical issues would crop up, provided there is no regular maintenance. Hence, we suggest professional maintenance service and we do provide it at Velavi HVAC for ductless mini-split air conditioner installation near Beverly Hills. Otherwise, replacing the mini-split is the best viable solution to get a soothing indoor temperature. Besides, there are certainly valid reasons to replace the mini-split such as:

  • If the mini-split is too old
  • High cost for repair service
  • High cost for maintenance
  • Higher energy bills
  • Lower efficiency
If you experience any of the above, replace the mini-split. Contact us at Velavi HVAC for a residential air conditioning installationnear Cerritos to uninstall the old one with a new mini-split.

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