Want to beat the scorching heat? Plan adequate measures in your house. You need to radiate the heat absorbed inside the room. Absence of air circulation further provides uncomforted to the occupants. Therefore, to beat the heat, you need a four walled room fitted with the right HVAC or Mini Split. Velavi provides heating and cooling solutions to residential and commercial clients. We are a global leader in providing cooling solutions. Our trained technicians provide a range of heating and cooling solutions for the following:

  • Central heating and air conditioning installation service
  • Installation of ductless mini split systems for optimized comfort
  • Repair service for heat pump condenser for regulating temperature inside the property
  • Installation of well-optimized air duct system
  • Fixing performance issue of wall furnace
  • Installation and repair service for rooftop packet units, etc.

Besides the above, we provide energy efficient cooling solutions. We use the latest products and accessories to provide all kinds of installation, repair and maintenance services. Our experts have in-depth knowledge into it and have delivered successfully to many clients. We have collaborated with various industries and organizations to provide heating and cooling solutions effectively. We are known for providing the best air conditioning services. If you want to make your place better and comfort for living, make an appointment with our experts at commercial heating and air conditioning service. Our services are very economic and we are obliged to serve the clients even for emergency repair services. If you want a cooling and soothing environment, then you must enhance the technological efficiency of the air conditioners. This should be done professionally like we provide at new central heat and air unit at Hermosa beach.

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