As everybody is aware of the fact that the entire world has been engulfed by the pandemic COVID-19. It is not an airborne virus but humidity plays a great role in spreading. Thus, it has a certain linkage with the air conditioning system which also requires a humidity condition to maintain the inside temperature in a room. As the end user, be it for residential use or commercial, the occupants must know specific guidelines for maintaining the temperature. Because the objective is to get the cooling comfort while keeping the virus away. In this regard, we provide air conditioner installation service with certain guidelines. You need to adhere to our guidelines to avoid contamination of COVID-I9. The guidelines we share with the clients with respect to coronavirus revolves around:

● Maintenance of temperature with respect to humid climate and dry
● Recommended level of humidity
● Recommendation to increase the humidity in dry climate area
● Adequate ventilation of room
● Keeping the doors and windows open if the air conditioner is not in use
● Frequency of filter cleaning

As an authorized air conditioner installation and repair service provider, we do provide the above guidelines. We ensure the clients get the service but are not affected by the pandemic virus. There are many apprehensions among the clients regarding installation of air conditioners. The reality is that, it is safe to use but with a little precautionary measures. We provide the installation and maintenance service even in this lockdown period. We do this by maintaining social distancing. You can contact us on heating air conditioning contractors in Long Beach for getting more information.

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