Reasons Behind a Noisy Mini-Split

A mini-split system provides due comfort on hot summer days and nights. One of the issues that are frequently complained about by the users is noise. If there is noise in the split system, it indicates the deficiency of heating and cooling mechanisms. The noise in general arises from the mechanical and aerodynamics sources. If ever annoyed by the mini-split noise, feel free to book an appointment at Velavi HVAC forsplit system installation cost near Long Beach. Our competent HVAC mechanics will conduct a visual inspection of the mini-split and will observe the annoyance level in terms of:

  • Level of noise
  • Specification of noise
  • Frequency of noise
  • Lasting of the noise
  • Time of noise, etc.
Based on the observations, our mechanics will chalk out a plan to minimize the level of noise. We will ensure the noise remains at an allowable level. For some, the noise makes a psychological impact. However, the major impact is on the efficiency of the air conditioner, i.e. dent on the heating and cooling mechanism. We are equipped with the necessary technologies and will initiate proven practical steps to curb the noise level. For any kind of noisy issue in the air conditioner, contact at the Velavi HVAC for the best heating and air conditioning near Huntington Beach.

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