Professional HVAC Inspection

Velavi HVAC for Central heating and air conditioning near Norwalk provides professional HVAC inspection services to both residential and commercial clients. Because keeping the home and workplace cool is highly essential especially in the summer. Only an inspected HVAC will provide due comfort to maintain the interior temperature. Our competent HVAC inspectors have the expertise to identify the abnormalities and operational deficiencies of the heating and cooling unit. Moreover, inspection is a must to undo the damaging effects if any. Therefore, a lot of things related to an HVAC is subjected to inspection by our technicians such as:

  • Cleaning needs of the evaporator, air filter, and condenser coils, etc
  • Assessing the refrigerant level
  • Testing of blower components
  • Inspection of thermostat calibration
  • Leaking test for coils
  • Checking capacitors
  • Testing crankcase heater
  • Inspecting electrical connection
  • Assessing the lubrication of moving parts
  • Condensate drain inspection
  • Checking furnace filters
  • Identifying corrosion spots, etc.
The professional inspection gives clarity over the various issues and repair needs of the HVAC. For instance, during the inspection, it is identified that the condenser coil needs to be cleaned. If it is done, then it improves energy efficiency and better heat transfer. Our inspection service is meant to ensure your HVAC functions at its best and prevent major problems before they surface. Contact us at Velavi HVAC for ductless heating and air unit in and around Los Alamitos to know everything about the necessity of HVAC inspection.

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