Product Care

When it comes to product care, it is about maintaining a mini-split. The objective is to ensure this duct-free machine performs optimally. To attain this status, our competent technicians emphasize on cleaning. All the cleaning parameters are followed while cleaning the mini-split for getting the comfort temperature. While caring for the product, the components that draw the attention of our technicians are air filters, air purifying filters, general servicing, and safety precautions among others.

Our qualified service technicians from Velavi HVAC for professionals heating and air conditioning near the Los Angeles service make sure the air purifying filters are replaced at a regular interval of three months. Even this filter is subjected to replacement if the color changes to dark. If the need arises for placing anything for the indoor/outdoor unit, we make sure the component is of water resistance.

In our product care service, we check for the cooling and heating effects of the mini-split. Here our technicians check for the clogging effect, accuracy of thermostat, rate of airflow and air direction. If you are looking for a product care service, then make an appointment with our experts at Velavi HVAC for central heat and air unit repair.

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