Mini-Split Sensor Installation Service

Mini-splits are a means of a higher and comfortable lifestyle. That’s why we are witnessing its higher occupancy ratio in the buildings. It leads to growth in energy consumption resulting in a higher amount of energy bills. As you know, ‘energy saved is energy generated’ a saying holds good here. To save energy, the need is to install sensors which is an effective technique. Once the sensor is installed at the living space or office, it automatically switches on and off the mini-split as people walk in and walkout respectively. It has the potential to sense the presence of persons in a room through body heat. Thus, energy consumption takes place concerning the number of headcounts.

We provide a mini-split sensor installation service at Velavi HVAC for heating and air conditioning service paramount to residential and commercial clients. Our technicians are well-versed in the installation process and it is carried out as per the instruction of the sensory accessory manual. Mini-split is a combination of electronics and electrical engineering mechanisms and we ensure it meets the purpose of energy saving. Book an appointment at Velavi HVAC for certified heating and air conditioning near Culver City if you want to pay less electricity bill.

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