Maintenance Services for the Split-System Unit

We rely on a split-system unit to keep the living space cool and breathe chilled air. That’s why its usage is seen in residencies, offices, malls, theaters, and so many locations. The cooling effect works on the principle of a refrigerator. It has an air handling unit responsible for blowing cold air through ducts. Again, return air gets collected through separate ducts. This is how the cooling process takes place. However, the ducts due to over functionality or after a certain period remain clogged with dust. Likewise, the components of the split-system fail to function optimally. Resultantly, the chilling effect in the interior gets reduced. It happens due to mechanical issues. Therefore, to ensure the mini-split runs smoothly, it needs proper attention in the form of regular maintenance.

Our expert mini-split mechanics at Velavi HVAC for central heating and air conditioning units near La Mirada provide a cost-effective maintenance service. The advantage of hiring maintenance service from us that you would remain free from the headache of an unexpected breakdown. At the same time, you can continue with the usual chilling effect of the air conditioner. Moreover, if you want to prolong the life of the mini-split, approach us at the Velavi HVAC for the best heating and air companies near Downey.

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