Fault Detection and Diagnostic Service for HVAC

HVAC is one of the beneficial interventions of the modern world. It gives comfort to maintain the interior temperature of the living space. However, if this rooftop unit is poorly maintained or gets degraded for any reason or improperly controlled, it yields in waste of energy. It could be prevented provided fault detection and diagnostic service is carried out from time to time. When it comes to fault detection, it conveys about condition-based maintenance of the HVAC. At Velavi HVAC forheating and air conditioning maintenance, we provide flawless fault detection and diagnostic services. To deliver the service, we have experienced HVAC engineers and they are capable of finding fault in the engineering system.

There are many methods used by our engineers to find faults such as:

  • Pressure and temperature measurement
  • Faults in the abrupt condenser
  • Evaporator fan failure
  • Capillary tube blockage
  • Leakage in the compressor piston
  • Leakage in the seal system

Additionally, our expert HVAC mechanics analyze the symptom patterns to understand the underlying faults in heating and cooling machines. Moreover, our mechanics diagnose the symptoms by assessing compressor suction pressure, oil pressure, subcooling refrigerant, and evaporator outlet pressure among others. We ensure the engineers check a thorough technical inspection of the air conditioner to find fault. Accordingly, repair and maintenance service is carried out to restore the HVAC to perform better. Reach us at Velavi HVAC fora complete heating and air conditioning, if you are looking for fault detection service.

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