Energy Saving Tips for HVAC

Ever wondered why the electricity bill goes up. One shouldn’t be surprised that the HVAC accounts for approximately one-fourth of residential electricity consumption. Thus, a significant portion of household energy goes towards maintaining inside temperature. Each HVAC unit has its energy-efficient rating. However, over a while, it fails to function efficiently. As a result, consumers end up paying higher energy bills. If you want to lower the cost of electricity bill, follow the energy-saving tips by our experts at Velavi HVAC for ductless mini-split AC installation near West Hollywood.

Those are:

  • Setting HVAC thermostat properly
  • Cleaning the air conditioner filter regularly
  • Cleaning outdoor coils if they are dusty
  • Ensuring the room fitted with air conditioner is well-sealed
  • Hiring the services of annual maintenance contractor
  • Replacing the older HVAC, etc.
We provide the above-mentioned services through our competent service technicians. Maintenance is one of the prominent energy-saving tips and the owners of the HVAC must adhere to it. Apart from maintenance, there could be a lot of other issues leading to excessive energy consumption by the heating and cooling unit.

We fix issues which are deterrent to energy savings like:
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Seal duct leakage
  • An inaccurate electric control sequence
  • Thermostat inaccuracy, etc.
By fixing those issues, you could prevent HVAC from excess consumption of electricity. Still, there could be a lot of issues you might have not noticed. Hence allow our energy saving experts at Velavi HVAC for commercial air conditioner repair at Los Angeles to help you in saving more energy.

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