Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Uninstallation Service

Ductless mini-split is the highly preferred cooling solution among residential and commercial clients. However, installing the ductless unit is a challenging task. Because certain houses and buildings are not designed to install the cooling unit. Moreover, in some houses, there is an issue of thick stone with hardly any insulation. At certain places, the floor structure might be uneven. These are a few instances of structural issues that prevent easy installation. However, it doesn’t matter to our installation technicians working at Velavi HVAC for a ductless mini-split system installation near Lakewood service center.

We have years of experience in installation irrespective of the structure of the house. We are equipped with all the mechanical tools and equipment to ensure the installation service is carried out without any hassle. We carry out the installation as per the standard procedure laid down in the branded cooling unit. Right from setting up the indoor unit to selecting an unobstructed location to mounting and drill, each step is cumbersome. However, we ensure the ductless split unit is fixed much to the needs of interior design and esthetic.

If you have already installed a ductless unit and want to shift to another location or another place in your house, then we do provide an uninstallation service at Velavi HVAC for installing ductwork in older homes near Torrance. Uninstallation is also a complicated task as it requires systematically removing and replacing the necessary spare parts and accessories. We manage this task diligently.

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