Drain Cleaning and Leakage Check

Leaky pipes can take a toll on the health of HVAC. Again, attention should be paid on issues like drain cleaning. If these issues are not attended properly, there could be much damage to the heating and cooling unit in terms of its functionality. Moreover, it has the potential to destroy ceilings and walls. Therefore, it is advised to check the drain inlets and ensure that all sorts of accumulated waste shouldn’t choke the air conditioner. We provide fixing service to the leaking HVAC at the Velavi HVAC for an air conditioner repair company near Palos Verdes State. Our technicians look into various leaking such as cracked or missing drain pan, clogged drain line, and clogged air filter among others. Again, the technicians use effective leak test methods such as leak detection spray, electronic leak detector, and fluorescent additive.

We provide cost-effective drain cleaning and leakage service with the following objectives:

  • Increase in the system efficiency
  • Reduce in power consumption
  • Reduce in CO2 emission
  • Reduces the effect due to adverse climate change

You can reach us at Velavi HVAC for emergency air conditioner repair near Southern California Lakewood if you want to fix the HVAC leakage and drain issues immediately.

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