Coolant Level Check

The unrelenting summer is a torture for the mini-splits. Every residential or commercial owner wants the best performance from this device in terms of cooling. Therefore, the need for a mini-split coolant level check arises. In the mini-split, the compressor is the heart containing refrigerant gas. This component is crucial to make the conversion of the refrigerant gas into liquid. As a result, the machine dissipates more heat thereby the cooling effect is experienced. However, the accumulation of dust and debris in the condenser coil and radiator fin leads to a drop in the efficiency level of heat dissipation. Checking the cooling level is a part of our mini-split maintenance service that we have been providing at Velavi HVAC for a ductless mini-split air conditioner installation near Beverly Hills.

Our mini-split technicians will check the symptoms of the machine leading to low cooling effect such as:

  • Whether the indoor takes a long time to cool
  • Whether the vents are blowing cool air
  • If the set temperature is achievable or not
  • If energy consumption is higher
  • If there is any leakage issue
  • If the machine is giving hissing noise, etc.

Based on the above, the cooling effect is assessed. Accordingly, we provide the technical service to get the due cooling effect. If you have experienced a low cooling effect, then it is better to contact professional maintenance services provided by Velavi HVAC for heating air conditioning companies near Burbank.

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