Have you seen a sudden surge in your electricity bills while using the air conditioner? If yes, then something is not right. You must know that a properly maintained air conditioner saves a lot of energy. As a result, it reduces the electricity consumption bill. When it comes to maintenance, you can also do it by washing the dust with water spray. However, the complex technical tasks require the service by air conditioner professionals at Velavi Heating & Cooling. Even a small adjustment to a compressor or fins or coils or thermostat requires a professional touch. We have repair technicians with years of experience.

Therefore, if you observe the cooling bill has been shooting high over a few months, then contact us for service. Our service technician will serve you in terms of:

● Cleaning the evaporator
● Cleaning the condenser coils
● Checking the refrigerator pressure
● Adjusting and lubricating the moving parts

Besides the above, our technician will help in detecting the symptoms leading to the waste of electricity. Accordingly, the coolant unit is also rectified technically. For instance, if your air conditioner is having a damaged damper, our technician will repair it or suggest for a replacement. Contact us at (844) 835-2844 to make an appointment.

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