Looking for Professional HVAC Repair Service?

Looking for a professional HVAC repair service? Then do an online search. You would be greeted with several links citing professional HVAC service. Then the question is which one is reliable. This is where Velavi .read more

HEPA Filter Testing Service

An air filter is a significant component of an HVAC system. It is responsible to provide pure breathable air. If the filter has gone out of order, it must be tested and repaired. Otherwise, it would lead to health hazards. read more

Need Split System Air Conditioner Installation Service?

The split system air conditioner is highly preferred to keep the home cool. It gives a great level of comfort in Summer. If it is your preference, buy the product from a recognized brand. Leave the responsibility of installation service on us.read more

Split AC Troubleshooting Service

We provide split AC troubleshooting services to residential and commercial clients. Mere installation of the AC doesn’t tantamount to its perfect performance. It is subjected to wear and tear over some time. Therefore, many troubling issues might crop up. Let’s have a brief on theread more

The Best Furnace Repair Service Provider

The furnace is an important component of an HVAC system. Often we ignore it until we get the severity of the issue. If the furnace is out of order, then you won’t get the chill or warm environment as per your requirement. That’s why preventive maintenance is highly recommended. During the maintenance service,read more

Why Dependency on Velavi

There are numerous reasons to depend on Velavi. The first reason is, our service is recognized for providing the best air-conditioning solution. The second reason is that our heating and cooling experts can meet the expectations of clients.read more

Energy Efficient Building

A building consumes a lot of energy. At the same time, it emits greenhouse gas. Thus, the impact we experience in the environment is adverse. Therefore, the need of the hour is to make the building energy efficient. There are two aspects to it. One is constructing the building with an eco-concept. Another is less consumption of energy.read more

Is Wrapping Necessary for Ductwork?

Wrapping is necessary for ductwork. Because it would prevent condensation. If you have ductless and mini-split and ever noticed droplets oozing from it, then it is high time to consult a professional HVAC agency. Then ask for insulation. Before getting into the details of it, first, be aware of the reason for air ducts sweating. In this regard,read more

Do you want to Fix AC Leaks?

Air conditioning leakage is a common issue faced by most. It is most probably seen in summer. Have you encountered this leakage issue? Occasional leakage is not an issue. But if it happens time and again, it is an issue to look into. Then observe the frequency of the leakage issue and to what extent it takes place.read more

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