Insights on Ideal Humidity Setting

Do you feel sticky or humid in your living space? Then you need to correct the air quality by using a dehumidifier. However, there is a way to set the humidity. If you are unaware of it, then our experts at the air conditioner repair company will determine the right more

How to Install Mini-splits Successfully?

Mini-split has gained prominence over the years among the consumers. Because it provides more control over indoor comfort. However, the installation of a mini-split is a complicated more

Possible Furnace Issues and Solutions

There are so many issues related to furnace leading to low performance. To throw lights on the possible furnace issues, experts at Velavi Heating and Cooling for professional heating and air conditioning would like to educate the consumers. First, check out whether the HVAC system is powered or not. read more

Need a Quiet HVAC System?

HVAC units are subjected to noise. It depends on size and in-built features. Everybody wants an HVAC for a comfortable temperature. However, nobody would like to compromise the harsher sound emerging from more

Checklist for Hiring HVAC Professionals

In case of heating and air conditioning breakdown, it becomes an emergency need to call for repair service. However, before hiring the service it becomes incumbent to assess the reliability of the service more

Significance of HVAC Repair and Maintenance Service

HVAC systems for its efficient performance over a long period require regular servicing. It requires servicing at least two times a year. Again, it is better to opt for service in Spring and Fall. Because in more

Maximize the Capacity of HVAC System

One of the ways to maximize the capacity of an HVAC system is routine check-up. Besides, it requires maintaining cleanliness to prevent repair and service in the future. Maximizing the capacity of HVAC systems starts with more

HVAC Design for Green Buildings

Since natural resources are depleting day-by-day, the focus has shifted to environment-friendly building practices. That’s why green buildings are the norms as of now widely followed. Here green design practices are given high more

Importance of Servicing HVAC System

Heating ventilation and air conditioning system is subjected to depreciation over some time. If it is not maintained properly, the system will lose its efficiency.Resultantly, you would receive a higher energy more

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