Annual Care Services

HVAC has been the preference of people for a comfortable living. However, over a while, there is some sort of wear and tear in the air conditioner like any other machine. Depreciation of the thermal unit takes place if this thermal unit is not maintained and monitored properly. Hence it requires periodic maintenance as per the checklist of the manufacturer. Otherwise, annual care service is highly essential considering the fact of efficiency. That’s why we provide annual care service at Velavi HVAC forheating and air conditioning repair services. Services are rendered by our trained HVAC technicians every year on a contract basis. We will ensure your HVAC functions smoothly.

In the annual care service, our technical team takes care of the annual maintenance and technical problems of your HVAC unit. Once we deliver the service, your thermal machine is covered under our annual service. Thereby you are subjected to get periodical checkups henceforth. For more information, contact Velavi Heating & Coolingfor certified heating and air conditioning services.

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