Air Filter and Fin Cleaning

Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor and it has its share of health risks. This happens when a mini-split is not maintained properly. Resultantly, dust particles settle quickly from the air and their presence could damage the heart and lungs of the occupants. The chilling effect of the air conditioner also gets reduced. One of the best ways to address this issue is to eliminate the source. Moreover, the living space requires more ventilation. Hence, the need for the air filter and fin cleaning is sought for. At Velavi HVAC, we provide air filter and fin cleaning service for all the mini-split brands such as Daikin. We have the technicians to remove the air pollutants present in the air conditioner.

Further, our mini-split mechanics know how to deactivate the indoor air pollutants. Again, we will help you in reducing the levels of small airborne particles. Finally, you can breathe fresh air and there would be no adverse health impact. We provide this service under the purview of maintenance. Contact us at Velavi HVAC for central air conditioners repair for more information on a complete cleaning service.

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