An air conditioner ensures sound sleep even in the blistering heat seasons. However, it can be risky if timely repairs are not maintained properly. We provide all types of repair and maintenance services at Velavi Heating & Cooling. Even the reliable brand needs maintenance. Regular service of the heat pump is a must which is a part of the regular tune-up to ensure the cooling machine functions properly. Otherwise, the efficiency of operation gets reduced to a certain extent. For any reason, if you feel that your air conditioner is not delivering the cooling up to the mark, you can approach our service. We have AC repair mechanics having years of experience in handling many residential and commercial clients successfully. We have been delivering various kinds of services over the years:

● Cleaning of the condensing unit coils
● Checking how many amps does a compressor draw
● Oiling of the fan motors
● Ensuring the belts are adjusted properly
● Checking the system operating pressures and temperatures, etc.

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