Accessory/Spare Part Repair Services

While today’s mini-splits are reliable, still its spare part components are subjected to repair. The accessories require a thorough check from time to time to keep the cooling systems function without any interruption. Accessories used in mini-splits are pipe concealers, cable clip, electronic voltage corrector, floor-mounted stands, and multi-metal bands among others. Most of these accessories come handy during installation.

We also provide installation service at Velavi HVAC for heating air conditioning installation near Redondo Beach. Though the spare parts are meant for a longer period in due course of time, it loses the strength and might fail to withstand the pressure of holding. If it happens either the spare parts require repair or replacement. For instance, the super lock pipe clamp gives firm support to pipes. However, if dew condenses on it, it loses its firmness. This is where repair service is sought for. A Velavi HVAC for a furnace repair company near Southern California Cerritos, we provide excellent spare part repair service.

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